Storm or hail damage?

Storm- or haildamage

Suffer from storm or hail damage? PDR Team Holland offers a unique way of repair: dent removal without painting. A hailstorm can cause much damage to cars. But that damage can almost always be repaired for the full 100 percent. We can do this by our method of dent removal without painting.



This repair technique is particularly designed for repairing small parking and hail damage. In the end, by using large light boxes and light arcs, we can thoroughly check our repairs.

Does your car or cars have hail damage? Feel free to contact us to discuss your damage or to get a clear explanation about our repair methods. PDR Team Holland can also arrange alternative transportation through leasing companies. If necessary, you can even work at one of our own premises.

Hail Damage Repair

PDR Team Holland repareerde de afgelopen periode tienduizenden auto’s. Of het nu een hagelschade was of een grotere deuk, klussen worden altijd met zeer nauwkeurige precisie uitgevoerd. Is uitdeuken zonder spuiten geen oplossing, dan wijkt het team wel eens uit naar lijntechnieken of zelfs de push to paint-methode. Dat komt voor bij het herstellen van extreme hagelschades en/of bij een grote deuk in een portier of ander deel.

Recent clients?

Do you want to see which recent jobs PDR Team Holland has completed?

  • Job for Belgian leasing company. Dent repair without painting of 5000 cars.
  • Job for rental company in South Africa. Dent repair without painting of 1000 cars.
  • Job for leasing company in Apeldoorn. Dent repair without painting of 500 cars.

Hail Facts

Some hail facts? Summer thunderstorms? Please note that in summer, hail storms occur as well. Make sure to watch your car then, because these storms can cause a lot of damage. Hail occurs in winter too, but then it is mostly softer grain hail. If the air turns yellow-green, then the chances of a thunderstorm with hail are great. Hailstones in the Netherlands can easily be 2 to 4 centimetres in size. The largest hailstone that ever fell out of the sky occurred in 2003, in the state of Nebraska, USA. This hailstone was 18 centimetres big.

Why choose for PDR team Holland

We are a team of qualified hail professionals. We are quickly deployable, anywhere in the world! Do not hesitate to contact us.